Studying In London

By Alisa Ahmed


The first thoughts that come to mind when thinking about London are probably ‘eye’ or ‘bridge’, perhaps not ‘university’ or ‘education’. Despite its appeal to tourists as a world cultural capital, London is also a major centre for higher education teaching – a number of world leading institutions are based in London. London is one of the most popular, leading global cities in the world in many different fields; it shows strengths in the arts, entertainment, tourism, finance, healthcare, media, fashion and research.

As a central hub in many different areas, London houses an assortment of peoples and nationalities who have been attracted to the city’s landmarks and cultural institutions. You will meet a diverse range of people from all over the world, through which you can establish invaluable global connections. As London is such a central city, it attracts expert international academics permanently and temporarily, so you are likely to be taught by some of the best professors in your field and have the opportunity to meet others that travel through the city.  

London houses many museums, art galleries and libraries that can aid in education for more arts-inclined students. These sites are also a great way to spend your weekends, get to know the city and further your education in a fun, touristy way. London’s rich history is embedded within buildings and landmarks all over the city, so you will find yourself constantly furthering your knowledge about the culture, whether you realise it or not!

Although moving to London to study can be daunting due to the size and diversity of the city, the London Underground and transport system connects all areas of the city efficiently, making it easy to get to any area of the city via tube or bus. There will always be a new and different area to visit and explore that may have relevance to your studies or personal curiosity – you can do this with ease with a handy student Oyster card.

London is a centre for academic excellence, but it is also a great place for fun and socialising. There are endless pubs, bars and clubs that host student nights with reduced entry and drink prices. As a city that thrives on entertainment, there are always live music events to attend, new films, musicals and theatre to see in the West End, as well as parks to visit (for when the sun shines), and endless restaurants and shops that offer student discounts – you can never get bored in London!

Wed 24 Jun 2015