The College is situated close to the town centre of Boston with three campuses in close proximity to each other. At our main campus - Rochford, you will find our dedicated sixth form centre and university centre along with workshops and industry styled classrooms for our vocational courses.

The College provides over 400 courses, up to and including degree level, including a wide range of vocational training courses as well as A/AS levels, GCSEs and diplomas. We also work with many businesses and run Apprenticeships for those of you who want to earn as you learn. Whatever your age, you can choose something that will expand your horizons and give you the confidence to succeed.

Every year, the College welcomes some 8,000 students through its doors. About 1,500 of these, study with us full-time, up to 200 are International students from across the world and 200 more are studying at a Higher Education level. Our part-time students vary from school leavers and apprentices .to adult learners and degree students. You can study courses with us during the day or evening, in Boston or Spalding or even in your workplace