There are many universities, but Oxford retains a special place in the academic landscape of the UK and in the hearts of those who live, study and teach here.

There are even more reasons why Oxford generates such admiration, pride and loyalty. Taken individually, these reasons may not be unique, but when viewed together they form the characteristics that have differentiated the University from all others for hundreds of years and will continue to form the essence of the Oxford experience for years to come.

College system

Every student at Oxford is a member of a college. They are sometimes compared to halls of residence at other universities, but they are so much more besides. Your college will be your home for much of your time at Oxford, providing accommodation, meals, a library and IT support. The relatively small number of students at each college allows for close and supportive personal attention to be given to your induction, academic development and welfare. 

Tutorial teaching

‘Tutor’ is Oxford’s name for a member of academic staff. They are often world-leading experts in their field, and tutorials are a chance to get individualised teaching from them. At least once a week in each subject studied, groups of two or three students will spend an hour with their tutor, discussing a topic in depth. This personalised attention means that you will face rigorous academic challenges on a weekly basis, encouraging and facilitating your learning in a way that just isn’t possible in a lecture. It also means that tutors are immediately aware if you need any extra support with any aspect of your course, so they can help you right away. 

Financial support

Oxford is strongly committed to this principle: if you are a UK student and have the talent and ability to study with us, you should never be put off from applying for financial reasons. In 2015–16, Oxford is committed to providing generous financial support to students from lower-income households, to ensure they can make the most of what Oxford has to offer. 

Career opportunities

Oxford graduates are highly valued by employers for their communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. Hundreds of recruiters visit the University each year, and nearly 95% of all Oxford leavers are in work or further study six months after leaving. The Careers Service can help you find an internship, learn business skills and land your dream job.


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