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Apprenticeships with Pret

Applications to the Pret School Leavers Programme (SLP) are now open.

Now in its sixth year, Pret hopes to recruit up to 120 participants, with various start dates scheduled over the next few months.

The aim of the year-long programme is to give young people the opportunity and support to start their careers straight away, while also gaining an apprenticeship.

Available to school leavers, gap year students and recent graduates across the UK, each successful applicant is given a full-time shop based role, with additional training, support and work skills courses.

No matter their age, participants will be paid Pret’s starting salary of £7.85 or £7.65 an hour (depending on location), with eligibility to receive an extra £1 an hour weekly Mystery Shopper bonus, after 12 weeks. They will also receive Pret’s well-regarded benefits and perks, including weekly pay, free food on shift, a 50% discount when not, paid breaks, 28 days’ holiday, and free work shoes.*

Interested applicants can visit Pret School Leavers Programme to learn more or to register their interest.

Kate, 19, Newcastle – wasn’t interested in uni

I always knew I didn’t want to go to uni. I’ve had various hospitality jobs since I was 16, and love working in a fast-paced environment. I’ve always wanted to be in a managerial position but I wasn’t quite sure what my first step should be, so was interested when I heard about Pret’s School Leavers Programme.

I didn’t have the highest opinion of apprenticeships but all of my friends were off to uni so I thought I’d give it go. Before I knew it, Pret had booked my train ticket down to London for an interview. I was so nervous!

When I came for my trial shift, I was really dreading having to get to know a whole team of people who already seemed like a tight knit family. But they made me feel so welcome and at ease. When I told them I have cats they all smiled and said “We’re keeping her”. It was as easy as that!

Since then I’ve grown strong friendships with all of my team and feel like I’m part of the family. I’ve really learnt how to diffuse tense situations and how to control my own emotions, I feel like I’ve grown as a person. The SLP has made me more ambitious to climb the ladder and grab every opportunity I’m given.

I didn’t know too much about Pret before I joined. Seeing how passionate all of the team members were about the company confused me at first, I mean…it’s just a sandwich shop! But after almost a year, I see that it’s a lot more than that and I too feel fiercely proud of my team, my shop, and Pret as a whole.

If I could give any advice to anyone considering the SLP, I would say “Just do it”. You’re not tied down with any student loans or with a 3 year course. You earn money each week and really feel like you’ve earnt it. It’s hard work, but all in all it’s an amazing

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