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A Level Results Day During Covid 19 Announced

A-level results day has now been set, which should help you if you are planning to go to university or take an apprenticeship. The Government, examination boards, schools, colleges and universities are working hard to ensure solutions are found within the right time frame and further announcements will follow.

It will be some reassurance for current worried Year 13 students to know that their A-level grades for cancelled exams in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be released on the same day as originally planned. They will be published on the 20th of August, so you can now put that date in your diary.

Examination boards will base grades by gathering assessments from teachers based on what they would have expected their students to achieve and these predictions will be moderated so the overall national results and shares of grades are in line with previous years. This has been carefully worked out as the fairest way or proceeding under the current difficult circumstances.

Teachers' grade predictions will be worked out from a combination of overall professional judgement, using the evidence of previous exams, coursework, essays, homework and mock exams.

It has also been promised that students in England who think they would have done better, can take another exam in the autumn. This means that you do not necessarily need to accept the grade you’ve been given and will have to opportunity to improve it. For students using their grades to go to university, there is still uncertainty about whether campuses and can open or if courses might initially take place online. None the less universities will use the released grades to award places as in previous years. Clearing and adjustment will also be taking place as all parties involved try to keep the process as normal as possible.

For detailed information visit the government’s website and UCAS.

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