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Studying at Home vs Studying Away

The decision to study in your hometown versus going away to a different city to pursue academics is one that troubles the mind of many prospective students. While both have its benefits and drawbacks, it is important to consider how those will affect your chosen academic or professional path. In this article, I will go through some of the pros and cons of studying at home or away to help you decide whichever option will be the most beneficial for your future prospects.

Choosing to Study at Home

Going to university, many will find themselves out of their comfort zone after spending years together with their friends in a familiar environment. For some, entering a wholly different environment can be a daunting task, one that's not to be afraid of. In such instances, being in the comfort of your own home with your family to support yourself along the way can be a very motivating and positive experience. This could allow you to focus wholeheartedly on your academics and career prospects. You don't need to come home after a long day of studying to think about laundry, house chores (hopefully!), and the never ending pile of dishes that always put a hold on your relaxing evening plans.

Choosing to Study Away

On the other hand, university is a time of getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing new environments, people, and exploring yourself. You may feel that you can’t do that at your home as it has many other connotations to your past. Having a “fresh start” approach to studying away from home can lead you to meeting fellow students in accommodation halls that share common interests and goals. This can be an underrated motivating factor, as the comfort of home could lead you away from your peers grinding out another hour of study together in the library. Living with your peers in university accommodation can also present its own challenges. While the freedom of living practically alone is a change, it comes with the weight of responsibility on its shoulders. The room you left messy in the morning for your lectures is still messy when you come back, and food does not magically appear on the table. Additionally, if studying away for you means going from a small town to a big city, this can really change your understanding of sharing a common space with your peers. Big cities are a different beast to smaller towns and might require a leap of faith, if you will, to get accustomed to.


All things considered, it's mostly up to your plan for your future. A university away might have more resources for your academics but it could also be a challenge you don't feel ready to tackle. Home might be better to get your studies in order, but it could mean losing out on that society you know would get you a good career network if you went away. In the end, the choice is yours to make.

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