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Surviving on a Student Budget

By Catriona Poon

The temptation to spend is everywhere, particularly when your student loan is fresh and calling out to be spent – here are five easy tips for saving where you can. 


Unfortunately, spending money on food is inevitable, but then again, there are more than enough ways to save without much compromise. The first nugget of wisdom to impart would be to cook your own food instead of wasting money on ready meals. Not only is this the healthier option, but in the long run, it’ll be healthier on your wallet. The second tip would be to buy in bulk, and to split the cost with flatmates. Last but not least, buy non-branded; it isn’t the most glamourous option, but the quality is often indistinguishable.


This does seem to be the obvious choice, but swapping the bus or tube for a bike or your own two feet will make a massive difference to your wallet, as well as your waistline. Travelling at off-peak times will also make your journey cheaper when in need for public transport.

Choosing the Right Bank Account

Banks usually bombard students with offers and deals, and it’d be an abomination to not take advantage of them. For example, Santander offers a free 16-25 railcard when you open a Student Account, and Lloyds TSB is giving a 3-year Extra NUS card, which gives you additional discounts in various shops.

Taking Advantage of Discounts

Being a student means being eligible to ridiculous amounts of discounts, making shopping just that little bit cheaper. Sites such as unidays provide you with 10% discounts to sites such as ASOS, and your student card provides you with discounts to over 150 stores and establishments.



You won’t necessarily need to buy all the required books, but for the ones that you do, buying second hand books is the better option. Not only will you save a ton of money, but if you’re lucky there will be notes inside to help you along. 

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