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A Sustainable Christmas Guide

If you are making a conscious effort to help the planet - and would like to see this supported by those you are close to, gifting them a sustainable gift could be a step in the right direction. Read below for a range of products that will suit a student-friendly budget - and even could be the perfect Secret Santa present!

1. Portable Reusable Straw - from £12

While this may not be the most glamorous of presents - this will certainly be a very useful present for someone who is trying to cut their use of plastic straws. Having a handy reusable straw that packs away in the form of a keyring will fit easily into someone’s lifestyle.

2. Shampoo Bars - from £8

It may be unusual to gift shampoo for Christmas. However, opting for a slightly luxury bar shampoo can offer both the luxury of shampoo with the benefit of no plastic bottles. Find one with an unusual scent, or their favourite ingredient and this will certainly make them eager to try it out

3. Assorted Glass Straws - from £10

If you are looking for an easy and colourful stocking filler, opt for an assortment of reusable straws. Some people do not like to use metal straws, however a glass straw offers a nice alternative to the regular metal and can also come in a variety of colours. Plus, if you know this person is accident-prone, the multipack option will offer them a little bit of reassurance.

4. Pocket Tote Bag - from £10

Another great stocking filler is something that can double up as both a practical essential and a fashion statement. If you are popping to the shops and realize you now need to buy a few more extra items than you had planned, a pack-away tote that is easy to keep in the bottom of your bag can be a great choice. Bonus: for an even better gift - double up! Fill this bag with some of their favourite treats or a book, and hand it over in the bag.

5. Reusable cotton pads / bathroom set - from £12

If you are looking for the perfect present for a make-up lover, delving into the make-up section can seem very daunting. Rather than focusing on the make-up application, it can be beneficial to focus their attention on the make-up removal. Makeup wipes and cotton pads are easily switched out for muslin cloths and reusable cotton pads - so this can be a great way to introduce this into someone’s regime.

6. Sprout Plantable Pencils - from £7

Give a gift that turns into its own gift! Graphite pencils can be great for those who are still studying or those who like drawing. What’s even better about this option is that they can be planted and turn into flowers of their own.

These are all just a few suggestions to get you started and to get some ideas flowing. Feel free to shop around for the best price and make sure you factor in delivery times if you are buying a gift online.

Finally - make sure you opt for environmentally friendly wrapping. There is no point purchasing all of these sustainable gifts and then proceeding to wrap them in some cheap wrapping paper. Opt for brown paper and string wrapping, or try to get creative with your packaging. Paper bags, tissue paper or even some newspaper could all be used to wrap your presents in a new and unique way.

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