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What to do when university isn't right for you

University. University! UNIVERSITY! When will it end? We hear so much about it, and the occasional whisper about apprenticeships, but are never really told what else we can do next. What if you don’t want to go to University and that every time you hear the word you want to hurt someone? It’s perfectly normal to feel this way- many people do. Well here are some of the best kept not-secret secrets.

1)      Apprenticeships

Our first route is for those of us who want to go into work without actually going into work. Apprenticeships are a way to gain first hand work experience while getting paid. Learning on the job from professionals in the sector allows you to really gauge the environment and understand your chosen career in a way that Universities won’t offer. This is perfect for people who wish to jump straight into work but want to learn the skills necessary for it at the same time.

2)      Employment

As a person who neither wants to go to University or take an apprenticeship, jumping straight into employment might be more your speed. With a wide range of industries that don’t require degrees or special training in the world of work, choosing employment might turn out to be the thing for you. Alongside earning a living, you will also become more independent and confident in that terrifying vortex known as the adult world.

3)      Gap Years

Maybe you do want to go to University. But feel as if a break is in order- why not, you deserve it after all those all-nighters. Gap years are the perfect option, especially if you wish to go travelling before you hit the books again. Whether you choose to backpack or spend your time in one place, Universities often love learning that their students have taken a year off. However, make sure you get deferred so you don’t have to worry about your applications to University when you get back. That would be awkward.

4)      Back to College

 Many people don’t realise this, but it is possible to go back to college to get a different qualification in subjects such as early years education and the beauty industries. Depending on which college you go to, you could get a diploma at different levels or other such qualifications, allowing you to have a bit more time to decide if you want to go to University or into employment. Let’s be real, everything feels rushed right now- why not take a little while to think over everything but also do something worthwhile at the same time. 


By Irem Yesildag Year 12 student at Clapton Girl's Academy, Hackney, London

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