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In the run up to Uni Baggage’s busy end-of-term period, the company, which transports baggage for more than 30,000 students each term, has decided to scrap its end-of-term marketing budget and give that £10,000 lump sum directly to one fortunate university-goer. 


Uni Baggage Managing Director, Paul Stewart explains: “Uni Baggage started as a pet project in my university bedroom and it was only through the support and word of mouth of fellow students, customers and fans of the brand that it was able to grow and become the successful service that it is today.


“Uni Baggage is now a fully fledged company which employs ten full-time staff members and serves over 30,000 students around the world each term.


“We thought that instead of spending £10,000 on traditional marketing in order to grow and gain more customers this term, it made more sense to ask our customers and fans to help promote Uni Baggage in exchange for the chance of winning £10,000.


“It’s a great way for us to tear up rule book when it comes to marketing and say ‘thank you’ to our customers and fans, as they have been the driving force behind the success of Uni Baggage.”


To win the £10,000 students must simply become a Uni Baggage customer and/or share the competition on social media.


Once Uni Baggage has acquired 10,000 new customers through entrants signing up and spreading the word online, a winner will be chosen at random and awarded with £10,000. 


The competition is currently live. All further information and terms and conditions can be found at www.UniBaggage.com/10K 

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