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Your Pre-University Checklist

You’ve done it. You've passed through the process of getting into university and now it's time to prepare for having the best university experience possible. Here are a couple of things that you need to look out for before starting the new academic year.

  • Student bank account and finances: Coming into university not only means more freedom but also means that you need to have more responsibility and control over your finances. Many banks offer student bank accounts and financial options that can greatly help you sort out your finances. They often come with vouchers and benefits only available for a limited time, so research your options before their offers expire.

  • Check your accommodation provisions: The first day of moving into student accommodation is a chaotic endeavor that involves hundreds of students trying to make themselves comfortable in their new home. After the first night I spent in my university accommodation, I met a fellow student that did not know that bedding was not provided with the room, so she had to sleep on a bare mattress. To avoid such a situation, I would strongly recommend checking out what, if any, provisions are given to you by your accommodation provider. A bad first impression is not something that reflects well on the first step you take in your university experience.

  • Student card pickup for discounts: Most universities provide a student identification card either before or shortly after studies commence. Be sure to plan in advance to pick this up early on so you can maximize your accessibility to your university. In addition, there are many applications or services available in the university area that provide discounts when you show your student ID. These will provide great benefits while getting acquainted with your area.

  • Your surrounding area amenities: In most university campuses or areas of student accommodation, there are a lot of shops and amenities geared towards students. Gyms, cafes, supermarkets, and libraries are important services that any student might need. Hence, it might be a good idea to research student deals or services that would make a certain accommodation or campus region more lucrative than the other.

  • Travel to your destination: If you are a person that would travel to and from university during term breaks or even for your first initial travel, it would be worthwhile to look into how getting there would go. Remember that there will be thousands of students that will be arriving on campus at the same time frame which could complicate travel on the day. Be prepared for delays, extra traffic, or an extraordinary event that happens when thousands of students are arriving in the same location.

  • Learn about your daily responsibilities: Depending on your accommodation, you may or may not have to do a variety of chores once you're back home. Catered or self-catered options can change your schedule greatly, as you may have to programme yourself around the dedicated meal times or have to factor in food procurement and preparation.

  • Look into academic recommendations: Now that you know what course you will be studying, most departments can send out a reading list or essential supplies you may want to look into before the start of the academic year. Once studies start, some of these supplies may be hard to get as many students will be rushing in to get that copy of a textbook your lecturer asked for and now there's none left. If you get the chance, having time to scan through recommended materials can give you a great advantage in understanding lectures amidst the turmoil of starting university.

    There you have it, some essential tips to ease you into your university life. Having good preparation going into university will be something that will go a long way in making the start of your academic year the best it can be.

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