2017 UCAS Points Calculator

UCAS Tariff points, a system that is sometimes used by universities or colleges for entry level requirement has changed. The new method of calculating has been adapted to include a wider range of vocational, international and reformed alternative qualifications, and provides a broader and more impartial ground for the calculation of UCAS Tariff points. These new requirements will be applicable to students applying from September 2016 for courses beginning September 2017 onwards.

Changes in the point system will work with numbers that are incomparable to the numbers of the current points system, introduced in 2001 Points will be calculated in an entirely new formula, thus resulting in smaller totals. It is important to note that these lower numbers do not devalue the worth of individual qualifications, but simply converts them to fit the new form of calculating Tariff points. For example:

Qualification and Grade

Current Tariff

New Tariff

A level grade A*



A level grade A



A level grade B



A level grade C



A level grade D



A level grade E




Tariff points for each subject will then be added up for a total which will need to reach the admissions requirements that have been adjusted with the new points system by universities.

The only change resulting in a decrease in qualification value has been made to the distribution of AS points. UK qualifications requirements have decided to change the worth of AS points in comparison to A Levels from 50%, under the current Tariff system, to 40%. Institutions accepting AS qualifications will need to reassess their admissions requirements as well as clarify whether it remains an acceptable qualification for them.

Students should note that the Tariff system is often used as only a basic benchmark for entry level requirements, thus students should check with their individual universities for additional demands on specific grades, subjects and/or qualifications concerning their admissions. Not all qualifications will be requested in the sum of the Tariff total, but perhaps your best three A levels or appropriate subjects required for the degree.


Use the UK University Search points calculator to find your score based on your predicted grades.

Fri 11 Nov 2016