A Survival Guide for Freshers

Money, Money, Money

Starting university is insanely exciting: new people, new places and new experiences. Everyone is eager, albeit slightly nervous, when starting university and these are the most common emotions all new Freshers experience. The first few weeks are dedicated to socialising. However, what you don’t realise is whilst you’re enjoying yourself, your bank account isn’t always having the best of times.

The best way to save money is to keep track of all expenses. By noting down all nights out, meals and other outings you will be able to avoid any money problems. This may mean saying no to a night out once in a while, or refusing to buy those new pair of shoes, but honestly, you will enjoy university so much more when you know you are financially stable.


You will meet endless amounts of people at university; some will become friends for life and some you may not see again. The key thing is for you to be approachable. When it’s your first day at university, the last thing anybody wants is to be welcomed by unfriendly, miserable faces. So, if you smile everyone else will smile! You don’t necessarily have to get on with every single person you meet, but being sociable will allow you to have more of a pleasant time.

Work Hard, Play Hard

It might not be want you want to hear but, ultimately, everyone expects a degree at the end of university. What people forget is that you have to work for it. Although the pub may sound more appealing than an essay, think about your heart sinking when you get a disappointing grade. Although having fun with friends and relaxing is important, you will feel much better if you know you have completed all of your assignments to your highest ability.

The best motivation to complete university work is to reward yourself once you have finished. Say to yourself “I can go out on Friday as long as I have finished this essay”. That will genuinely encourage you to finish you work.  

University is exciting and unique for all freshers. You gain independence, responsibility, irreplaceable memories and life-long friends. Don’t let money problems disrupt your experience and make sure you are friendly! As long as you work hard, the nights out become more relaxed and enjoyable…and you’ll get the grades you always dreamed of.

Mon 06 Apr 2015