Be Prepared for University

So after waiting months for your results, your fate has finally been revealed – you’re going to university in September! To make sure you get to make the most of the fun first few weeks of your freshers title as you settle in, here’s some advice on what to pack, what to expect during freshers week and what to be prepared for as a newbie!

What to Pack

Unfortunately, before the fun can begin you will have to spend the little time you have left at home making lists and packing what you are taking with you. To make things easier, here’s a list of the bare essentials that you may forget whilst being carried away packing the outfits that will make you look the coolest during Freshers week:



-Cutlery including tongs and a spatula

-Cups and Glasses


-Frying Pan

-Baking Tray

-Storage Boxes


Do not worry about any appliances before you move in just in case other people have brought things: one shared kitchen only really needs one toaster, not six!

Important documents


-Driver’s Licence

-National Insurance Card

-Acceptance Letter

-Accommodation Paperwork

-Student Finance Letter

Without the correct paperwork you will not be able to pick up your accommodation keys and without identification, your acceptance letter and student finance letter, you won’t be able to activate your student loan! This is essential for funding your studies and should be your priority once moved in.






-Folder Dividers


You are, after all, going to university to study so make sure you have enough pads and pens for each of the modules you have registered for to make studying easy and to keep your notes organised ready to use for any essays or exams. You will also need your laptop as essays are required to be typed – and don’t forget to back your work up on a USB!



-Duvet and Pillow

-Alarm Clock

-Laundry Basket and separate bag (for wet laundry from the launderette!)

-Door Stop


Much like your kitchen utensils, you will keep the things you buy for your bedroom for each year of study, so invest for the future – buy a double duvet not just to keep you warm over the winter but because you will most probably have a double bed in your houses when a second and third year.

Of course, these are but the essentials – your to-pack is list is most probably reeling with lots of other fun things, which should include a fun onesie and a fancy dress outfit: I guarantee you will need both if you plan to join a society.

Wed 11 Mar 2015