Brexit - Youth Voice Says Stay

The EU Referendum is fast approaching, and although the issue can be traced back further, since the vote was announced in February it has been the subject of intense public and private debate. Whether people vote for or against Brexit, we have heard from MP’s, we have heard from the public, but if the vote was to be based on young people’s opinions, where would the future of the UK lie? In or Out?

When it comes to politics or current affairs, many stereotype young people as indifferent. Yet there is a growing desire to engage more and more young people in politics. News Network, Shout Out UK, is leading the way when it comes to empowering young people and engaging them in political topics. Most recently, they have conducted a poll which has gathered 1,120 votes from young people and still counting. A current total of 66% have voted to stay in the EU. This equated to a staggering 736 votes to remain in the EU as of early May.

Shout Out UK provide an independent platform where young people can contribute articles on current topics, political discussions and generally become involved in current debates. Founder Matteo Bergamini, aims to empower young people who, as many parliamentary members know all too well, have the potential to be a large stakeholder in the future of the UK.

The issue doesn’t grind to a halt with a single poll though, on Monday 6th June, Shout Out UK are hosting a Youth Debate in parliament to discuss and vote on EU referendum. The event will be filmed and live streamed and allow young people to argue, each side thoroughly.

Matteo Bergamini, founder of Shout Out UK said;
“We have over 2000 young writers contributing to Shout Out, with 1,120 voting in the poll already, we can definitely say that young people are interested in current affairs. From what we can see, they want to stay a part of the EU.”

“We believe that political apathy comes from society induced ignorance. Young people are being written off and not being told why politics is important or how to get involved. Shout Out UK was created to tackle this issue.”

“Young people don’t know the power they possess and we aim to open people’s minds by showing them the power they, themselves hold. Only when we realise the political power we as a collective have, will we then truly have a voice within society.”

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Fri 27 May 2016