Don't Miss All the Fun at Our London Fair!

Following the success of our Manchester event just a few weeks ago, we’re so excited to be hosting an even bigger one this March 3rd  in just under a fortnight!

Taking place at the Emirates Stadium, our largest event to date will display all higher education opportunities. An invaluable initial emergence into post A-Level life or a calculated advancement into a specific university enrolment, the fair will be extremely informative for all students – no matter what stage they are at in their higher education research.
The event will boast 3 large halls, brimming with exhibitors all hoping to meet as many students as possible. On hand to offer advice and a greater insight to their institute, speaking to the representatives is one of the greatest strengths of the fair.

Looking into post A-Level options can be very confusing and overwhelming. Ploughing through prospectuses and numerous websites can be arduous without providing any clarity. So, students can really take advantage of meeting industry experts and engaging with exactly what they have to say. Pupils will really benefit from asking all of their questions and receiving advice.

Featuring so many exhibitors also means that attendants don’t have to traverse the country. For many, applying to university can be an extremely lengthy process riddled with extensive family road trips. Visiting one of our fairs will allow you to recognise those companies you’re interested in applying to, as well as whittling out the others. After visiting our one-stop tour of Higher Education, you can be sure that you’re only visiting or conducting further research into placements and universities that you are genuinely passionate about.

In addition to all of the professionals parading their courses and opportunities, there will also be a really great seminar programme running throughout the day. In a complementary theatre style room, the presentations and panel talks will be taking place at the same time as the exhibition, so students are able to dip in and out of the seminar room as they please. With no booking or sign up necessary, the schedule is extremely flexible and attendants can be spontaneous, attending seminars of deep routed interest or those only discover on the day.

The programme will begin at 10am, through until 12:40pm, when it restarts. With this format, students can briefly visit the event – equally they can leisurely enjoy the exhibition without fear of missing any information.
With our fair set to welcome a surplus of 5,000 students, we would advise arriving at the seminar room within good time of the event you are hoping to attend.

One reason why this event is set to be our busiest yet is due to the introduction of the Milkround room. Our partner student and graduate job website have been graced with a whole room to display their opportunities for school leavers and students. This is a really exciting addition to our fair and we are looking forward to welcoming Milkround into their new room. With an emphasis on school leavers, we are so proud to be supporting other forms of higher education and training – rather than purely an academic route. Having said that, Milkround will be presenting inspiration for university leavers as well as outlining how students can enhance their prospects whilst still in education, though part time employment and internships. So, the Milkround room really has got something for everyone, so make sure you allow plenty of time for this on your trip around the fair.

Even if the thought of entering another few years of study or training is completely harrowing, we’ve still got many options for you! Bulldozing through education isn’t always the most beneficial way to get the most out of yourself or the system – taking time out can be just as important sometimes. Having a gap year (or period) can enable you to discover what you’re really interested in. It might draw you back towards academia, or it might ensure you stay away from it for eternity. But either way, it will hopefully provide clarity. Being sure about your career path is really important – and it is worth postponing if you are completely unsure. We’re welcoming institutes such as BUNAC, who will be sharing travel, volunteer and study abroad options. Such exhibitors will evidence the best ways to go about organising trips, as well as showing you how to enjoy and develop future prospects during time out of academia.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t signed up already, make sure you register here to avoid missing out on this bustling hive of higher education. We can’t wait to welcome you to your brighter future!

Mon 20 Feb 2017