Free Clearing Help and Advice

With results day just around the corner, it’s a good idea to be prepared and have several options in mind. Luckily for you, Loud has it all covered in their A Levels Results Edition. No matter what the outcome, we have all the information on all the different routes you can take to ensuring a successful future.

Many students have a basic idea of what to expect on results day, but it’s always best to have other options that you can explore, just in case.

If Clearing happens to be the route that you go down, Loud has multiple real life stories from students that survived the process and went to a university that they fell in love with, as well as other relevant and essential tips! Clearing may not be the most fun procedure to go through, but after reading Loud, you’ll be able to tackle it head on.

Clearing isn’t the only other route to explore though! If you end up doing better than expected, we have all the top tips for going through Adjustment, just in case you choose to exchange your confirmed place for a better suited university. We’ve got it all!

Once you receive your results, you will be faced with a new set of worries, such as dealing with the reality of moving away and how to survive your new found independence. Loud have all the answers to your questions, including how to manage your finances and succeed in Fresher’s week (it can be a lot of fun, trust me).  

There is always the option of not going to university, or maybe you are not able to for the time being. Perhaps a gap year is more up your street, or you want to retake to achieve your full potential. Either way, Loud has all the crucial information on how to make the most of your gap year, and why apprenticeships are something to consider as an alternative to university.


Just remember, no matter what the outcome of your results day is, Loud’s Results Edition will be here by your side.

Tue 16 Aug 2016