Freshers Week

Freshers Week is possibly the biggest topic of conversation among potential students during the build-up to going to university. There will be a host of activities running all week long, ranging from parties at the local nightclubs to town tours and festivals on campus. What with everything being so new and so much going on, it is important to take a moment to breathe during Freshers week and remember that everything will still be around once the week has finished and class has started. Over the course of the week, it is important to remember that important things are not just going on during the night – you will have taster classes introducing you to your modules or faculties during the week which are very important for finding out what you will need for each lecture and seminar and learning the difference between what will happen in the two types of classes as the learning experience will be very different to that of college and school! Take some time out to wander the campus with your new housemates and find out where your classes will be so you at least find one without getting lost.

One of the big emphases of Freshers week is the Freshers Fayre. The Freshers Fayre will host lots of tables and stalls full of members of societies and sports teams ready to recruit you! With hundreds of groups to choose from and the exciting prospects of what you could spend your time doing along studying for the next academic year, you will more than likely be drawn into signing up to e-mail subscriptions from over fifty of them, at least. This is not practical in the slightest, especially when you’re trying to trawl through your e-mails to find an important message from a professor about an upcoming assignment. Just remember that you have plenty of time to join societies so you do not have to plan your social calendar for the year during your first week.

What to be Prepared For

Knowing what to be prepared for when going to university is extremely difficult as it is like nothing you have experienced before. Many people worry that the workload will be heavy and they will spend every waking moment reading. If you are taking a subject or module that relies heavily on reading, such as English Literature, it would be a good idea to look up your reading list before you arrive, order your books and do some reading whilst you are still on holiday. As you will only generally have one lecture and one seminar a week for each module, topics are covered quickly and briefly so preparing will save you from pushing yourself to read an entire novel a week for your literature module. Another daunting prospect when attending university is the stress put on its synonymy with independent learning. Unfortunately, to an extent, this is true – you will find that you will have to find a lot of things out for yourself, so make sure you attend a library tour during your first week – it may not sound as exciting as beer pong in the hottest SU bar, but you’ll be thankful for it when you’re not the person getting lost among the shelves looking for an academic journal.

As for the social scene, you will learn the hard way that some people will live every week as if it’s Freshers- which can be a pain if you’ve got a 9am exam and your flatmates decide to carry on their night out in your kitchen and you didn’t follow the list and pack some ear plugs!

Wed 11 Mar 2015