Get on Air!

So, you’re thinking about getting involved in student radio. Maybe you’re used to sharing your opinions at school, maybe you have work experience at your local radio station; or perhaps you’ve never given it a thought but are keen to try something new at university. Whatever your background, student radio can introduce you to a whole new world of live performing without the crowd, interviewing famous people and creating your very own show that you can adapt and produce yourself to make something of which you can be proud. If you would like an example of a student radio website to learn more, check out Radio at Warwick.

I got involved in student radio when one of my friends started their own show and asked me to come on and speak about literature. I was initially extremely anxious that I wouldn’t have anything to say but my friend finally convinced me. After my first show, I was hooked. There is an indescribable thrill that accompanies speaking on live radio; giving your own opinion and feeling like you are really contributing to your university’s media output. Everyone gets the radio ‘bug’. 

By the end of the year, I had taken over the weekly show from my friend, who had joined the radio exec, and was producing the show myself. This involves getting people to come on as guests, staying up to date with current affairs and, of course, deciding which songs to play. After every show, I upload the podcast of my show which is called Read All About It to generate more traffic and increase our social media platform. 

Student radio is a great way to meet exciting and motivated people, to help cover and be involved with the biggest events on campus and to become more confident in your opinions as well as listening to other perspectives. Most universities have a no-reject policy which means that if your idea is strong and you have the resilience to carry it out weekly or bi-weekly for at least a term, you will be able to see your dream transition onto live radio. So why not join one of the biggest societies at your university and get on air!

- By Dominic Lam 




Fri 21 Jul 2017