How To Use The UCAS Points Calculator

Caroline Wadham explains how to use UCAS tariff points to decide which university to apply for.

UCAS tariff points can be very confusing especially when trying to remember how many points stand between an A and a B, fortunately the invention of UCAS Points Calculators has made the process of course searching a lot easier. With the majority of universities now basing their university offers purely on UCAS Points, using the online calculator means that you don’t have to rely on your maths skills to narrow down potential courses. Use our UCAS points calculator.

Point-based offers are emphasised to make UK wide qualifications easier to convert and compare. To use the calculator, just enter your predicted grades from your A-Level courses in addition to completed AS courses and the calculator will generate your predicted UCAS points. As predicted and final grades do vary this enables you to conduct a more specific and realistic university and course searches.

Be aware that despite most universities offering conditional places based on UCAS points a number of universities still identify potential candidates solely through grades. Even if you accumulate the UCAS point equivalent you could still not be offered a place if you don’t have the required grades. It is also advisable to check the course page as some courses exclude certain subjects from their course requirements.

If you find yourself using clearing universities will generally use UCAS tariff points to show which courses you will be eligible to apply for.

Here are A-Level grades converted into UCAS points to give you an idea of what to expect.

Grade A Levels AS Levels
A* 140  
A 120 60
B 100 50
C 80 40
D 60 30
E 40 20

So… 3 A grades is – 360 2 B grades and one is A is – 320 2 B grades and C is - 280

Sun 08 Feb 2015