Keywords Guide: University and Apprenticeships

Whether you are a budding university student or interested in apprenticeships, there are many confusing words for you to get your head around. Below are some of the keywords you may see cropping up now or in the future.
Starting with those related to university applications: 

Adjustment –allows you to look for different courses if you meet or exceed your original offers conditions. You can look at higher entry requirement courses but don’t worry; you don’t lose your original confirmed place whilst looking. If nothing catches your attention you can accept your original confirmed place.

Changed course offer – if you have not met the conditions of your offer the university maymake you a slightly diffeently offer. This is likely to be a related course, although it may also be something completely different.

Clearing- a UCAS service you can use to look for different courses. Clearing is used if you didn’t meet the conditions of your offer, declined your offers or if you didn’t receive any offers. It shows you courses with vacancies that you can apply to. Don’t worry if you end up in clearing- many students have found their dream courses on there!

Conditional offer- your place on the course is subject to conditions- i.e. your exam results. If you don’t meet the terms of your offer, your offer may be revoked.

Confirmation- is the outcome of your conditional offer. If you meet the grades it becomes unconditional but if you don’t the offer will be declined.

Deferral- you may defer your offer until the next academic year. This will give you a year to do whatever you want, maybe work and save for university? Or go travelling with friends?

Entry requirements- are the qualifications or grades that are required for you to be accepted onto the course. Even if you meet them, you are not guaranteed an offer.

Extra- can be used to apply for other courses if you don’t hold any offers from your initial first five choices.

Firm choice- the offer you accepted as your first choice.

Insurance choice- is the offer that you accept as your second choice. If you don’t meet the conditions of your firm choice, your insurance choice may allow you onto their course. Therefore it is recommended your insurance choice has lower entry requirements than your firm choice.

Track- is the system where you can see the status of your application. Track is where you reply to offers and can edit personal details.

UCAS Tariff- is the system of allocating points to different qualifications. Some qualifications are not included so be sure to check that yours is. Use our UCAS points tariff points calculator to convert your qualifications into the universally understood UCAS points. 

Unconditional offer- This means that you’ve already reached the grade requirements. So providing there are no other conditions, e.g. DBS checks – the place is yours if you want it.

Unsuccessful- you have not received an offer or met the conditions of your offer.

Withdrawal- you can withdraw your application if you wish.

University is not the only education option; apprenticeships offer a different way in order for you to attain qualifications.

Apprenticeships- work based training for people who want to gain qualifications whilst working.

Levels of apprenticeships- there are different levels depending on what education qualifications you have: intermediate, advanced and higher. If you are unsure of the level you should be looking into, check out more details aout apprenticeship levels.

Hopefully this keywords guide has helped you decipher some of the words that keep popping up.

Mon 22 May 2017