Living at Home V Living at University

By Shikha Sharma

Living at Home

·         The hardest part about washing your clothes is the walk to the washing machine
When living at home, you don’t need to worry about having enough change for the washing machines or carrying all of your clothes to the laundry. For students living at university, this is probably one of the most avoided yet necessary chores. When living at home, all you have to do is make it apparent you have clothes to be washed and, in no time, you will have a pile of fresh, ironed outfits ready for you. As if you would ever get that at university!

·         The slap-up meals
Let’s face it, however much your parents will tell you to gain independence and cook for yourself they will never let you go hungry. After a long day at university, the one thing you need is a warm, fulfilling meal and this is much more likely to happen when living at home. If you live at university, the visions of a feast you saw, when falling asleep in your lecture, are abolished when you open your cupboard. Pasta, again.  

·         More money in your pocket
Living at home will save a lot of money compared to living in halls. If you are able to commute to your university, living at home is a wise decision. You will soon realise you do not have as many loans to pay off, so there is not that added pressure.

Living at University

·         Nagging free zone
When living by yourself, at university, it’s up to you when you clean and cook. There’s no nagging to do the hoover! So, when do you clean? Whenever you feel ready. As for the cooking, ‘eat your greens’ becomes a distant memory. It’s completely up to you what you feel like eating, and four Dominos a week becomes pretty frequent.

·         Lifelong friendships
Whether living in halls or a shared house, you spend a lot of time with your flatmates. This is great as you are able to build incredibly close friendships. By living with others, you are presented with the opportunity to gain lifelong friends and have irreplaceable memories.

·         Independence and responsibility
Living away from home is the ideal opportunity for you to gain independence and responsibility. At first it may seem daunting, but soon you become used to doing things which you originally depended on others to do. When you enter the real, working world employers will be impressed by the independence and adjustment skills you obtained from living at university.





Sun 05 Apr 2015