Living Away from Home

By Shikha Sharma

The big day has come, moving away from home! We all count down the mind-numbingly boring days of the lengthy summer holidays but, no matter how much preparation one does, nothing comes around faster than your first day at university. As you take in the sight of your new room for the coming year and set up all of your new Ikea appliances, the excitement and exhilaration is overpowering.

Once your family have bid farewell, reality soon hits and it all feels incredibly daunting. One key point to remember, when living away from home, is that the experience is only as nerve-wracking as you make it. There are a few things you should do which will make your university experience much more enjoyable, and will allow you to not miss home too much.

Firstly, don’t visit home too much! Although it may seem as though by returning home every weekend you will miss it less during the week, that isn’t the case whatsoever. You end up only looking forward to the weekend, making your week drag and causing you to not have the best of times. By leaving more of a time space after returning home, not only do you gain more independence, but you also have more of a chance to socialise on weekends with fellow flat mates. Moreover, when you do return home it will be much more enjoyable for you!

A key aspect of home that all students miss is the food. Your culinary skills expand to beans on toast and pasta, which just do not compare to the feast your mum prepares. One way which allows you to not miss home food too much, and also enables friendships to be formed, is to cook with your flat mates! Either together, or take turns to cook for everyone else. By collectively deciding a budget for the meal, you will have great fun cooking and enjoying your food with other people. Eating alone is never fun.

Taking up an activity also makes your time away from home much easier. Whether it is something you have tried before or something completely new, taking up a class or a sport allows you to become involved in your university and also enables you to take your mind off missing home.

Overall, although at first it may seem extremely unnerving living away from home, as long as you embrace the experience and try not to concentrate too much on missing home – you will have a great time and become much more independent!



Sun 05 Apr 2015