Making Friends at University

You have to introduce yourself - Freshers is the perfect time!

For you to make new friends you have to start introducing yourself to others, even if you feel shy. Sitting in your room and expecting people to come to you will leave you waiting for quite some time.

We know it sounds scary, but you should try and make the first move and say hello at every opportunity. Get yourself to the Union bar, coffee shop and any Freshers events you fancy. These are all opportunities to make friends.

Smile and be interested in what others have to say

If you smile and look interested in having a conversation you’ll put others at ease. Just introduce yourself and ask lots of questions about themselves.

Genuinely being interested and being a good listener are really good tips; people like others who don’t just talk about themselves. 

Go to your Freshers fair and meet like minded people with the same interests

You will realise that uni is a fantastic place to make friends because it offers so many opportunities. You’ll meet people who are interested in the same academic subject as you are and people who have the same hobbies.

Go to the Freshers fair and sign up to all the activities you’re interested in, whether that be music, beer, sports, politics or even Star Trek!  

In these clubs you’ll find like minded people who could easily be potential friends. Talking will come naturally because you’ll know you already share common interests and they’ll be lots to talk about.

Stay in touch and swap mobile numbers and email addresses 

When you meet someone you get on with well, offer to swap your phone number or email address so you can keep in touch or invite them to meet up with you again in the Union. 

Give yourself a couple of weeks to make friends

The most important thing to remember is not to feel like there is any pressure to make friends on day one. Give yourself a couple of weeks to get to know everyone properly and find out who you have things in common with and whether you see a foundation on which to build a friendship.

Don't forget your existing friends!

Don’t forget there’s nothing to stop you keeping in touch with your old friends too. Invite them to stay for the weekend so you can show them your new life!

If you need help look out for your Freshers rep

If in doubt turn to your Freshers reps. They are fantastic students with lots of experience in various aspects of student life. The most important thing is to have fun. If you look like you’re having fun then others will naturally be drawn to you. 

Finally... be open-minded and get involved

Be open-minded, honest and non-judgemental and enjoy uni for what it is – the experience of a lifetime! …And get involved with things outside of your course. There are countless sports and societies to join.



Sun 05 Apr 2015