Pros and Cons of Student Life

As the days loom closer towards university, many A2 students from college or sixth form get excited about uni life and the sense of autonomy it offers. As an A2 student myself, I am a part of this group of students who patiently wait for this time to come. As I am not yet in university myself, I have carried out some research from various sources and collectively gathered information about it to write in this article, so here it goes!


1. Student Discounts: There are several shops, both online and in store that offer student discounts ranging from a range of percentages such as new look, ASOS, Internacionale etc. There are also organisations, National Union of Students (NUS extra) being one, which enables you to get special discounts at certain places where you wouldn’t usually get one e.g. Pizza Express. In order to get this discount you need to sign up with NUS and they will then send you a card which permitting you discounts.

2. Your course:  Assuming that you are applying for university because of your course and not just for the extra benefits, your course is something you should definitely look forward to. The content and the topics it covers should be something you should be ecstatic about. Ok, so maybe I over exaggerated with the use of that adjective. However, you should at least have some form of enthusiasm for the course you will be studying.

3. At university you are legally classed as an adult. This means you are free to do whatever, within reason, you want! Nightlife is a key attraction for students as you can socialise, party and have fun!

4. Freshers Week: An event that many students look forward to. Freshers Week gives you the opportunity to meet new people at the university, join different societies and most of all, it gives you a sense of what uni life is really like!


1. Finance: Of course, with all this fun comes a price. We all know that in order to attend university you need to pay! Whether that money is coming from your personal bank account or via loan, it is still a significant amount that inevitably needs to be paid. In addition, if you make the decision to stay in university residence you will also have to pay for maintenance. This could be annoying as you could be tempted to spend that money on a new pair of trainers or another desired item.

2. Workload: University requires a much higher level amount of work in comparison to A Levels. On top of this you will be expected to work independently a lot more. This can sometimes be difficult to manage but it is all part of growing up!

3. Homesick: This applies to students who intend to stay in university halls. If you are travelling a long distance away from home, you could get homesick. Although this may apply to the early days of starting university, it can still be classed as a con.

Hopefully, you have gained some insight into the things to be aware of when you go to university. Although it may be a completely different atmosphere compared to what you have previously experienced, there is certainly a lot to look forward to and you should therefore make the best out of it!


Fri 03 Apr 2015