The Alternative UK University City League Table

The Alternative UK University City League Table

Studied all the league tables, scrutinised all the statistics – but just whirling into greater uncertainty? Well, look no further ‘The Alternative UK University City League Table’ has just been launched to dispel all your university indecision.
Combining third party research across 5 varied areas, the innovative league table compares the top 37 UK Universities according to what millennials truly value.

The Sunday Times; The Complete University; The Guardian – the list continues – they’ve all got their own guides, lists that simply reorder the elite universities from across the country.
The alternative guide is invigorating, offering a real service to those students who are concerned with so much more than academic listing.

Most won’t dispute that the repute of a university is important, but the alternative guide really differentiates between those that are perceived to be good, and those that really supply everything a student requires.
Investigating the crime rate; average graduate salary; sustainability; price of a pint and LGBTQ friendliness, the alternative guide has honoured Exeter as the best overall university. Considering the university's standing in more typified leagues this isn’t too shocking. But with Bradford close at its heels in second place, it’s evident that this alternative guide is really worth checking out.

As well as a comprehensive position, the guide also lists the university according to its factor – so confused students can really delve into the elements of university life that are most influential in their own decision. 
So, before you submit your final choices, make sure to browse The Alternative UK University City League Table.

Wed 08 Mar 2017