The Guide to a Productive Summer

The Guide to a Productive Summer

By Amric Sangha

The summer holidays can be misleading, particularly when you’ve just finished school. Almost everyone has experienced the feeling of dissatisfaction and regret that their summer was wasted binging on television marathons. In order to combat the easy way out, you should start to plan your summer now.

There are many things to be done during the summer, and if you’re pointlessly wondering about how your exams went, the worst thing to do is merely count down the days until results day in August. You’re given a lot of freedom and time over this summer, so the best thing to do is to be busy and get the most out of your summer.

Working is definitely a start, as it promotes you to live your life without any monetary restrictions and allows more independence, and of course more social activities throughout your busy summer.

For those wanting to travel, unless you have a small fortune at the ready, it is time to accumulate funds, meaning getting a job. It will not only be for the money, but will also give you a lot of first- hand experience into the working world. Working also provides a lot of opportunities for when you start travelling the world, as it does require a significant amount of money. This means that when travelling with a substantial amount of money, the world is genuinely your oyster.

Applying for summer internships, paid or otherwise, is an excellent and productive way of spending your summer holidays. Internships help keep your mind active, build key contacts and relationships, as well as reward you with essential working experience that you can proudly boast on your CV.


Most importantly however, whatever path you decide to choose, please make sure you don’t get that feeling of regret at the end of it all!

Wed 17 Jun 2015