UCAS Confirmation Deadline

It’s decision time. University decisions must be submitted by 4th May (as long as the postal address is within the EU). Be aware of courses with earlier start dates, as deadlines may vary and if missed could result in your application being withdrawn.

Once all five universities have made their replies, you will need to make two choices; your firm acceptance and your insurance. All others should be declined. There are a few things that you will need to bear in mind when accepting your offers. Making the right choice for you is important and thinking about what the course offers and how it may differ from other universities, the location, and whether you will meet their entry requirements are all relevant factors to think about. You can have a look at the UCAS website, which explains how to go about making your replies. 

Making the right insurance choice is just as important. It is advisable to choose a university with a lower entry requirement as back-up if you fail to make the university of your first choice. Ensure that this is still a university that you would still be happy to go to if you don’t achieve the desired results. You can have a look through the Guardian’s Good University Guide to help you to make your choices.

Do not panic if you have not received any offers as there are other options available. Clearing for university opens in mid-July and closes in September. It can be used for students who did not meet the entry requirements of both their chosen universities. Having an open mind for the courses available and the university will be essential as places will be limited. You will also go through clearing if you fail to apply for your course on time, which is why it is important that all UCAS deadlines are met.

- By Shreena Bagga

Wed 03 May 2017