What Do I Take With Me To University?

If you think you need a van to move you in to university…you have too much stuff. I can guarantee that everything that fits nicely into your current bedroom will not fit into your new room at uni. University rooms are notorious for being small, you will be lucky if you have enough room to put a blow up mattress on the floor. Also, you need to remember that this is not a permanent move. Everything you bring with you has to be moved back around June time along with everything that you have accumulated over the year. My advice, pack light. No, you will not need those fairy wings ‘just in case’, anything you don’t bring you can always go back and collect or you can always buy things.

It is always a good idea to check your uni’s website to see what they provide you with, so that you don’t end up doubling up on items. Also, to see what items your uni doesn’t allow, for example, my university didn’t allow kettles in our bedrooms. This way you only bring the things you need. If you are sharing a kitchen and/or bathroom with your new housemates then, I would advise you share appliances. Buy them when you all arrive, it is pointless having five kettles or toasters when you can simply share, saving you all money too. By sharing I also found that you get comfortable with each other a lot quicker.

I wouldn’t take lots of toiletries and cleaning products as you can buy them at a later date. However, I do advise to bring a food shop with you. You will find that with all the events and things going on in the first couple of days, you may not get the time to do a food shop.

Your course may release a reading list compiled of all the books that you need to read as part of your course, Please, please, please refrain from buying all of these beforehand. Just wait, your university library may have these books or you might not even have to read them. I am now a third year and I have still yet to buy any book that has been needed for my course, save your money because trust me you will need it. However, do take some stationery with you but don’t go overboard, pens and a few notepads will do you.

The main items to take with you include bedding, bedroom items, bathroom items, kitchen items and of course all your clothing. You may also wish to take personal items such as framed pictures and keepsakes. I warn you, there is a lot of white wall so I covered this with all sorts of posters and pictures to make it feel more homely.

Many people forget to take important documents, I got a box and kept all my bank details, uni letters, student finance letters, other important documents and of course my ID all in one place in case I ever needed it.


If you do forget to pack something it is not the end of the world, there are shops everywhere, you can buy new things. Also, I am sure your new flatmates won’t mind sharing or lending you things, after all you will be living with them for a year. 

Mon 06 Apr 2015