What is Adjustment?


Although Adjustment can be a great opportunity, it can also be incredible daunting for some. So here’s a guide to the Adjustment process:

What is Adjustment?
Adjustment is run by UCAS, and makes it possible for students to exchange their confirmed university place for one at another university. It’s pretty much the opposite of clearing. If you achieve grades higher than those required by your current offer, you can apply to other courses.

How Do I Apply?
Once you get your results, you only have 5 days to go through Adjustment, so you have to act fast! You’ll be making an incredibly important decision, so it’s best to talk to a careers advisor at your school to decide if Adjustment is the right course of action. Just because a university needs higher grades, doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you.

Once you have decided to apply through Adjustment, you need only go to the ‘Track’ screen of your UCAS account, and click ‘Register for Adjustment’. Unlike clearing there is no vacancy list, so you’ll have to contact each university admissions office you wish to apply to; make sure you have your UCAS ID number to hand and tell them you want to apply through Adjustment. You can contact any university during the 5 days, even those who rejected your application originally.

What Course is Right for You?
Make sure you do your homework. You're likely to have already spent a lot of time researching your chosen university and course, and going through adjustment should be no different. Courses and their content can vary greatly between universities, so make sure you know what you’re applying for.  Even if you are accepted to a new university, there may be no accommodation or bursary guarantees, so bare this in mind when applying. Ask plenty of questions and be sure it’s the right choice for you. There are usually open days on the weekend following results day, which is the perfect opportunity to look at universities, their courses and accommodations.  

How Do I Confirm an Offer?
While you look at other universities, your firm offer remains safe - you will only lose it if you confirm attending a new course. If you’re offered a place and are happy to accept it, UCAS Track will be updated with your new choice. Only agree an offer with a university if you’re 100% sure that you want it. If you want time to think about an offer, make sure that the university understands this, as once they put their offer on your Track, your original offer will be automatically cancelled.  

Once your offer has been updated, UCAS will send you a confirmation letter of your new course and university.


Good luck and happy Adjustment!

You can read the amazing free guide to Loud Magazine guide to clearing which is available on results day at: www.loudmag.co.uk 

Thu 14 Jul 2016