Life and study in London

By Katherine Mendoza

So what is this all excitement and greatness that everyone keeps talking about studying in London? Well, for a start, it is a city that currently holds almost 9 million people, with a variety of languages spoken daily, a history that dates back over 2,000 years. This sneak peek of information should already make you gush about this captivating place.

If you have previously visited this great city, you may think that you have a rough idea of how living here will be.  Let me just burst out your little bubble: it is nothing comparable as the ‘tourist experience’, it is considerable much better.

Let’s be honest. At most universities, the first year does not count toward your degree’s final grade. This does not mean that you should not attend all lectures and seminars, but it creates and easier opportunity to explore and enjoy the city as you may not have that many hours of class at university.

Living at halls will help you meet fellow coursemates, explore the area around your university campus, and attend as many events as possible. This is the reason why most first years decide to choose this option. However, for those who will be living at home, or elsewhere (as myself), it is still possible to enjoy as much as the others. All you have to do is push yourself to attend as many events as possible and not be afraid to approach someone, or a group, and just introduce yourself.

You must be thinking, “This is just nuts, approaching someone and start talking randomly. What am I even supposed to say?!”  Do not worry, during fresher’s week, everyone knows no one. Use this opportunity to meet people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

London is a leading global city. You will be able to find almost anything here. Arts, entertainment, fashion, night life are some of the few things that it offers. To enjoy all of this, it is important to have a strong sense of direction. Yes. You are bound to stare at maps for too long or even get lost sometimes, but in time, you will see how naturally your brain will take in all the surroundings. This is an important skill to learn since it will bring you home safely at night and take you through many adventures in unexpected places.   

All of this sounds pretty exciting, almost like a movie. However, let’s bring in a reality check: London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is essential to know how much you need to cover all your expenses, and budget wisely so as to still be able to enjoy as much as you can from what is offered.

This London experience will depend on what you make out of it.  Be bold, step out of your comfort zone, and grasp tightly this lifetime opportunity to fall in love with this city. 




Tue 19 Apr 2016