Essential Websites to Aid Your Apprenticeship Search

Though many young people choose to go to university, this option is often not possible, relevant or simply something that everyone is interested in. If this sounds familiar, an apprenticeship might be for you. Apprentices gain vocational experience, which can put them ahead of graduates in the same field, and, crucially, they are earning a wage at the same time.

If this is an attractive proposition for you, here is a list of websites we have compiled to help you with your search:

1. Get In Go Far 
Mentioned briefly in the previous blog post, Get In Go Far is the Government’s official apprenticeship scheme. Their fun, vibrant website is your ideal first port of call for clear, impartial information, particularly with regards to your rights as an apprentice. The ‘Meet the Apprentices’ page contains videos following three young people with high-flying apprenticeships at companies including Lloyds Bank and the BBC.

2. The Apprenticeship Guide 
The Apprenticeship Guide is a much more detailed and comprehensive site, which allows you to research not only apprenticeship programmes but also their providers. If you are unsure which field to go into, industries are grouped by both industry sector and relevance to specific school subjects.

3. All About School Leavers 
If you already have something in mind, All About School Leavers’ slick search tool gives you all the information you need at a glance. Search by industry, job type, employer and location and it brings up opportunities that suit your requirements with location, salary and required qualifications easily visible.

4. BBC Learning Zone
Like Get In Go Far, the Learning Zone website contains a brilliant visual resource. ‘Apprentice For A Day’ is a short series of videos each focusing on a different industry, featuring aspiring young apprentices as well as expert advice from employers, industry professionals and top careers mentor Aimee Bateman.

5. UCAS 
Finally, the higher education giant doesn’t limit itself to university applications. The UCAS ‘Apprenticeships in the UK’ webpage tells you the facts, but it also allows you to decide if you are suited to a vocational programme. It is a popular misconception that an apprenticeship is the ‘easy’ route, but you will need drive, organisation and a love of work to succeed.

- By Ellie Masterman


Thu 10 Aug 2017