Making the Most of a Higher Education Fair

Attending a higher education fair can prove very useful for students wishing to explore their options upon leaving school. However, one can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed upon arrival at the fair. Amidst hundreds of university and apprenticeship stalls and the array of seminars, people have often left feeling that they could have gained more from the experience. So here at UK University Search, we have provided a checklist to ensure you utilise your time in the most viable way to make the most of the upcoming season of higher education fairs. 

Firstly, make a list of those university or apprenticeship schemes that interest you the most prior to your visit. Make a point of going to these stalls first to guarantee you gain knowledge of those universities or career options that you are initially attracted to.  

Make a list of questions that you wish to ask to the representatives of the institutes you wish to visit. Look their website first to make sure these are questions that cannot be easily answered via their online platforms. 

Do not be shy about asking questions. Whether it is a university stall or a seminar, if there is something you want to find out, then ask! You are unlikely to be given another opportunity to attend a higher education fair, so make the most of the expertise of the institutes’ representatives. 

Look at the seminar timetable for the day and make a note of which seminars interest you. Then, plan your time accordingly so that you can attend the seminars which are most relevant to you, while still having time to look around the fair. 

Be open minded by speaking to as many exhibitors, and visiting as many stalls, as possible. Once you have visited the stalls and seminars you have planned to, have a look around. Allow yourself to benefit from the sheer number and variety of institutes that are at the fair. You may surprise yourself by what you find, and even leave the fair considering a new university or career. 

As tempting as it may be, try not to spend the time chatting with your friends at the fair. A school trip to a large fair does lend itself to the possibility of a longer lunch and time to converse with other students. However, you will have plenty of time to do this on your way home. While you are attending the fair, remain focused on why you are there.  

One day at a higher education fair can provide the means to answer many of your questions regarding university or apprenticeship schemes. By following these guidelines, you are much more likely to make the most of the experience, equipping yourself in the best way possible for the decisions that lie at the end of your secondary education. 

- By Ellen Hennessy


Fri 26 Jan 2018