Part-Time Jobs at University

With the costs of university on the rise, a significant number of students opt for part-time employment whilst studying. A recent survey, depicts that a whopping 77% of students use part-time employment to help fund higher education. Another 46% of students rely on their overdrafts. Earning extra cash may be the most prominent reason for students to take up part-time work, however there are many other advantages, and below are just a few:  

1. Develops transferrable skills
With university campuses buzzing with opportunities for part-time work, whether it is in a retail store or working with the university’s Students Union, there are many skills that you can gain. The job market is competitive, and showing potential employers experience in the working world will boost your employability. Regardless of whether working with a fashion retailer, for example, is part of your long-term goal or not, the skills and experiences gained are transferrable. Not only will it give you a feel of working life, it will also expose you to a commercial environment, something sought after by employers. 

2. Creates a work life balance.
We all know that juggling university life can be tough and many students would be reluctant to add a part-time job to the never-ending list of assignments and invitations to social events. Employers will appreciate the difficulty of maintaining a part-time job whilst studying and demonstrate your organisational and prioritization skills. Time-management is a vital skill in the working-world and showing that you were able to meet university deadlines whilst being employed will without doubt work in your favour. 

3. Provides opportunity to meet new people
Part of the university experience is the opportunity to meet and socialize with new people. It’s about coming out of your comfort zone - trying and exploring new things. Securing a part-time job whilst at university gives you the chance to meet new people and to expand your social circle, further enhancing your overall university experience. 

4. Breaks up studying
This may sound a bit far fetched but having a part-time job means that you have the chance to take a break from the tediousness of studying and writing up that piece of coursework that you have probably left to the last minute. Having a part-time job gives you the chance to focus on something different whilst still being productive and making money at the same time. Most students take up employment in the bars and clubs around campus, making going to work fun and sociable. 

Students can be hesitant to take on a job whilst studying because they think they’ll be met with strict regimented working hours. However, most employers that recruit students will appreciate the need for flexible working hours. The beauty of part-time work is that working over-time is available for when your university workload is not quite as high. 

- By Shreena Bagga 

Tue 04 Jul 2017