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5 Helpful Tips for an International Student Moving Abroad

Does the prospect of studying abroad entice you? Are you planning to enroll in an overseas university soon? Studying abroad can add more muscles to your resume and career profile. You'll get the chance to build your own identity- exposure to whole new experiences and a professional degree, alongside creating an extensive social network and enhancing your language skills. On the whole, studying overseas plays an essential role in preparing you for future endeavors.

It provides you with invaluable global knowledge, a distinctive outlook towards life, and a new culture. You are paving the way towards future career prospects that will suit you. Now, to make sure your international experience doesn't turn sour, you must take care of certain things. And we're here to simplify matters for you.

Here's a list of the top 5 things you should keep in mind before taking off:

1. Book yourself student accommodation


Before you book a flight, book accommodation. Enquire thoroughly, contemplate your options, and choose what's best for you. Many online accommodation booking firms offer a wide range of student houses for you to explore, or you can arrange private student rooms independently. Given the rise in international studies, student accommodations tend to fill up as fast as university seats these days. Student houses in the UK are always at a high demand- especially in cities like Manchester, London, Leeds, etc.

So, you must plan your accommodation before you arrive to study because it'll be your home for the rest of the term. It's smart to book it as early as possible; you might have to compromise a little if you book it in the final stages. Being aware of your residence and its neighborhood will make it easier for you to adapt.

2. Pack smartly


Packing can be challenging when studying abroad, but doing it early will help save plenty of time and make sure you have every essential you need. Do not go over-the-top with your packing; you’ll just want one or two bags and hand luggage. Before flying, make sure to check your airline’s policy to avoid any inconvenience at the airport. You will also need to check which things are prohibited and what items need to be packed. Be smart while doing your packing.

Avoid bulky things that you can buy when you arrive at your destination, such as crockery and bedding essentials. If you stay in student accommodation, they might provide it anyway. Don’t forget to pack sentimental items, though, whether it is photos or comfort foods items and snacks to remind you of your home. You can find more packing assistance from companies such as Eco Parcel, explore the full list here.

3. Know your city

Research and planning will prove to be the best travel tips for students studying abroad. What do you want to see, do, and explore while abroad? Check whether the university you choose has the course that interests you. Is your student accommodation ideal for exploring various significant places in the city, such as universities, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Research your location, and how well it interconnects with the wider city or area. You will also want to explore the nearby places in the city you are going to study in. Research the museums, parks, and local areas to explore in leisure time. You can enrich your study abroad experience by ensuring you take full advantage of your soon-to-be new home.

4. Create your bank account

Banking is comparatively different in a foreign country than in your own country. It is necessary to stay updated with all the relevant information when shifting abroad. Research and discuss with your bank, who can advise you on how banking works in your preferred destination. Keep all your documents safe & ready.

5. Manage your finances


As a student in a foreign land, being able to sustain your finances will be crucial. So to avoid the stress, encourage yourself to draft a monthly budget. By practicing this, you'll be able to keep track of your expenses, along with the sum you will have with you. At times, sudden expenses can arise that you never planned for. It can be purchasing extra books, a sudden trip plan, or any medical emergency.

In these situations, having access to emergency cash is necessary. Ideally, you should have a separate budget for emergencies. Living abroad will, in any way, make you a good manager of your own finances. You’ll get to know a lot about financial management and learn the art of budgeting for life better than in any class!

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself

Living by yourself in a foreign country far away from your family is undoubtedly challenging. Adapting to new surroundings is even more exhausting at times. You might need a few weeks or even more, to start the routine confidently, don't stress. Take your steps according to your speed. It will make life easier and more delightful for you. Focus on enhancing your confidence in the process.

Living away from parents on whom you are dependent can help you develop life skills that you don't get from living at your own home, from managing your finances to cooking up a delicious meal with minimum resources. The independence of taking significant life decisions will also make you more responsible, more confident, and mature to deal with life situations.

Moving to a new location will give you a new feeling and energy. So trust your instincts and get eager – new adventures await you!

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