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Degree & Higher Level Apprenticeships Explained

Degree and Higher Level Apprenticeships explained 

Starting from Level 4 through to Level 7 degree and higher level apprenticeships cover foundation degree and above, with level 6 & 7 matching a full bachelors and Masters. 

By combining work with study, a degree and higher level apprenticeship could really be the best of both worlds when it comes to getting a foothold in the industry you wish to make your career in. 

Graduates are able to apply for an apprenticeship after their studies, if the apprenticeship will allow them to gain substantial new skills to prevent funding being given twice for the same training. 

What are the benefits of this kind of Apprenticeship?

  • NO Tuition Fees. The costs are paid by the employer, allowing you to learn without the price tag of a £30,000 debt. 
  • Not only will you be debt free - you will EARN whilst you Learn

  • Develop real skills by doing the real job and gain connections on the job

  • Get paid holidays and other benefits that employees typically receive 

What type of jobs offer these apprenticeships? 

There are a wide range of sectors offering on the job training such as business and administration, construction, creative and design, childcare and education, protective services such as the police, health and science, legal, finance and accounting and digital plus many more. 

How much will you earn? 

The salary varies depending on what career sector you are going into but an average salary can be expected to be between £16,000 and £25,000 a year. Some schemes offer increases in salary throughout your time with them allowing you to earn even more by the time you have completed the course. 

Where can I find an apprenticeship like this? 

You can search for vacancies of higher and degree level apprenticeships through our find an apprenticeship website

Universities also now are able to offer apprenticeships by working with businesses, making it worthwhile to still enquire with universities about these types of opportunities. 

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