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Hannah's Clearing Success Story - UWE

Hannah originally applied for an Architecture degree at Oxford Brookes University and found a place through Clearing at the University of the West of England studying Architecture and Planning.

"I originally applied for Architecture at the University of Reading, Oxford Brookes, and the University of West England. I received offers from all three, with Oxford Brookes being my first choice.

I hadn’t done any preparation for results day or looked into Clearing courses beforehand. After I got my results I was disappointed but I knew clearing was an option so I wasn’t too worried. I began to find Clearing courses online at the university’s websites to see what they offered. I contacted the universities that I had visited before applying to university to see what courses they had available.

“I was disappointed but I knew clearing was an option so I wasn’t too worried”

I didn't get the grades to study Architecture at the University of West England, but I secured a space on a BA Architecture & Planning course there.

I didn’t live in halls because I went through Clearing and there weren’t any spaces left. In first year I lived in privately rented accommodation in a shared house with professionals, then as I made friends on my course I moved and lived with them. I sometimes think it was a godsend, having my own room in a shared house with no rules and regulations, and most importantly- no students burning their 3am pizza and waking up the whole block!

My advice for students is to weigh up your options and look for backup courses before results day in case the university you want to go to doesn’t have any spaces left on the course.

I don’t think Clearing is a big deal because once you get into university and onto the course no one is going to know you’ve been through clearing. No one knew I had been through clearing, and no one asked. No one at university really cares about it anyway."

For all Clearing website addresses and hotline numbers visit this page.

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