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How to Apply for an Apprenticeship

With apprenticeships becoming an increasingly popular option and a great alternative to going to university, opportunities have become more competitive, which is why it’s so important to get your application right in order to stand out from the crowd and find the best opportunity for you. 

When you begin your search for an apprenticeship you would like to do, it’s important to start by doing as much research as possible on what kind of apprenticeship interests you. Have a good look at which sector and industry interests you and where abouts you want to be based, and factors such as how many miles you are willing to travel for work, as this will help narrow your search down and focus on the opportunities that you really want. Make sure to check out our blog on useful websites for finding an apprenticeship when beginning your initial search. Research is a very important step when applying for an apprenticeship, as the more research you do, the more equipped you will be, as firstly you’ll know exactly what kind of apprenticeship you want, but you’ll also be able to answer questions about the role in your application and interviews, which will show the company how interested you are and will make you stand out from other candidates as it will show how much you want the role and how passionate you are about it. 

You also need to know what level of apprenticeship you want to do, so make sure you read the information provided very clearly so you know exactly what you are applying for. There are varying different levels of apprenticeships which have equivalent educational levels, and they take varying amounts of time to complete depending on the qualification, so make sure you’re informed of what the apprenticeship will entail. When you begin your application, have a big think about what skills and work experience and hobbies you have and how these are relevant to the apprenticeship. Try and include these throughout your application as its important to showcase your personality in your applications and interviews. The employer isn’t just interested in what work experience you have or what grades you’ve achieved; they want to get to know you so try and relate life experiences you’ve had or hobbies that you have, for example being on a sports team and what skills this has allowed you to develop, such as leadership, resilience and working as part of a team. You may not have had working experience before, which doesn’t hinder your chances whatsoever as employers aren’t necessarily looking to hire the person with the most work experience, they want to get to know you personally and see how your skills and interests can align with the work you’ll be required to do as part of your apprenticeship. The National Careers Service offers helpful advice for writing your application or preparing for interviews. Definitely try to utilise these resources as they will help you to make your application the best it can be and help you to maximise your potential. 

There is no limit on how many apprenticeships you can apply for, and you can also apply for apprenticeships alongside applying for university, which allows you to leave your options open and decide further down the line. Although, its important that you make sure you aren’t using the same application for each company you apply for, as you will need to tailor your application for that particular company or role. When applying for apprenticeships, you will be applying directly for the company, therefore its different for everyone and each one you apply to, so make sure that you read all the information clearly and submit everything that it asks for.

Hopefully you will now feel better equipped to begin your apprenticeship applications, however if you feel stuck, then make sure you utilise all the available resources that are mentioned as they will really help to prepare you for your apprenticeship journey.

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