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The Key Steps to Follow After Clearing

There is usually a lot of emphasis placed on getting prepared for Results Day. If you decide to go through Clearing, this process might feel overwhelming and stressful. It can feel as though you are holding your breath, and only able to breathe a sigh of relief once you have confirmed a new offer! Ultimately this is the most important part - but there are some other key steps that you will need to follow after you have confirmed your new clearing place. Do you know them all?

1. Update your Student Finance

If you have already sorted out your Student Finance prior to results Day, and you have now found a new place through Clearing, you will need to update your Student Finance. Even if you are studying at the same university, you will still need to edit your course details. If you don’t update your Student Finance, it can lead to enrollment issues and a further delay in payment.

2. Start budgeting your money

University can be expensive! Even with Student Finance to help you out, you will still have to make sure you have a rough idea of how much money you should be spending each month. This will likely be your first time having to pay for accommodation, food and travel all by yourself. While it can be a novel concept to start with, it is important to know your limits and have a monthly budget set out before you head to university. Asking your parents, or any other friends who are already at university how much you should be budgeting each month will help you get started.

3. Accommodation

If you have found a new course at a different university, it is important to look into accommodation as soon as you can. There will usually be guidance on their website, however there is a chance that there may not be any student halls available. If so, look into private renting possibilities, and email the university to see what help and advice they are able to offer. If you are having to rent private accommodation, this is likely to be a bigger expense that you anticipated. Once again, look into forming a budget to ensure you are focused on your course and enjoying university rather than worrying about your overdraft limit!

4. Research your new city!

This is the start of a very exciting chapter in your life. After the stress of Results Day and Clearing, it is finally time to enjoy your success and get excited once more about going to university. Look into fun restaurants, the local shops and activities the university offers for freshers. On a more practical note, it is worth looking into local supermarkets, if there is a shopping centre nearby, parking availability (if you are bringing a car) and doctor surgeries and pharmacies in the vicinity. This will be your new home away from home, so getting familiar with it will help you to settle right in.

5. Travel links

Will you have to get a bus to campus? Can you walk there? How far is the university from where you live now? Will you get a train if you are going home for the weekend? Get to know the local transport links, as well as the longer journey of getting to and from university from your current home. Even if you don’t plan on going back home regularly, if you are having a weekend where you need to be at home, or just fancy not doing your laundry for one weekend, it is good to know how easy it will be to get home to manage your expectations.

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