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University & Apprenticeship Fair

Is your teacher taking you to a university and apprenticeship fair?

Wondering what this really means and what to expect?

A University and apprenticeship fair is the chance to meet a broad range of universities, apprenticeship providers and potential employers face to face. There is nothing like a first impression and following your gut instinct. Sure their instagram is pretty but this is your chance to look at all your options without the filter.

The Pro’s

Questions, questions, questions - this is your chance to ask away, what's the vibe of the university socially, how well connected is the area travel wise, does the university have any exciting guest lecturers or partnerships. When it comes to apprenticeships you can find out what the career progression would look like, what is the company ethos, and will there be other apprentices starting at the same time as you. Some questions may be more important than others… but this is your chance to ask them all.

The chance to get expert help when it comes to your application, the fair will feature seminars on your personal statement, you will gain insight into what a university might be looking for when you go in and meet the current staff. For those looking at other routes, you can gain tips on what makes a standout CV/Resume, are there volunteering opportunities/ Work experience you could look for to hold you in a good light and is an apprenticeship the right choice for you. A fair is a safe, unbiased space to get personal advice.

Gain an understanding of the scholarships and funding opportunities that may be available to you, concerns about funding that may be making you question whether you should apply might not be the vortex of worry you were imagining. The chance to discuss what accommodation is available and does the university offer “Hardship funds” or support for those struggling. With apprenticeships you can find out what other benefits you might get from working at a particular place, do you get travel trips or specific training days.

Meet current students and apprentices, allowing you to figure out what the student body is really like, what has their experience been like, what advice can you gain from them, both socially and academically.

Find opportunities not highlighted by the website. A lot of universities have their own societies, which are like a more advanced version of an after-school club. However, unlike school clubs, there are a variety of interests out there, are you really passionate about politics, a particular sport you never got to try at school (such as ice hockey) or do you really enjoy knitting and are looking for fellow sewing bees.

A couple of more interesting societies exist, so if you get to Uni and find your interest does not have its own society then why not start one? After all, if "The Nicholas Cage Appreciation Society” (Sussex), “The Hummus Society” (LSE) and “Sheila and her dog society” (Cambridge) can exist then why can’t yours?

For Apprentices you will get to gain an understanding of the lay of the land socially, does the company arrange days out, are there rewards for hard work, seasonal get togethers?

Discover a new path - It is not just universities at our fairs, is a more hands on approach more you? Do you like to challenge yourself physically or creatively? Our fairs in the past have featured Channel 4, Virgin Media, The Army plus more.

A couple of potentially branded freebies? We love a new tote bag

The Cons

Maybe the tote bag isn't as sturdy as it looked? Pack your bags responsibly.

We look forward to seeing you at our next fair and can't wait to help you on your journey to finding what's right for you.

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