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Central School of Speech and Drama

The creative industries, with theatre, film and broadcasting at their core, now represent the fastest growing element of the UK economy and one of the most significant forces from a global economic perspective. Central plays a pivotal role in the training and research that makes this possible – one reason why our graduate employment statistics are amongst the highest in our sector. And it is not just in economic terms that we provide such successful leadership. The dramatic arts play a hugely important role in nourishing society as a whole, and our website carries detail on the many strands of training for work beyond the traditional confines of the theatre, film, and broadcasting studio.

Central students and graduates continue to win major awards, and the School’s Conservatoire standards of high contact hours and an excellent staff:student ratio ensure that our graduates are supremely employable. Our open days will give you an opportunity to discuss the prospects in greater depth with members of our world class faculty.

Central is one of a very few colleges that receives special government funding in acknowledgment of its exceptional work. Student fees provide only a proportion of the real cost of attending Central. We are grateful to all who contribute to make up the balance, and thus offer those who gain admission a truly remarkable experience.

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

62-64 Eton Avenue



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Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Acting [W410] 0 9000
Drama, Applied Theatre and Education [W490] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Costume Construction [W460] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Design for Stage [W461] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Performing Arts [W440] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Production Lighting [W451] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Prop Making [W462] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Puppetry [W441] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Scenic Art [W463] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Scenic Construction [W464] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Stage Management [W491] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Technical and Production Management [W493] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Theatre Lighting Design [W450] 0 9000
Theatre Practice: Theatre Sound [WW34] 0 9000

No details available