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City College Plymouth

City College Plymouth is celebrating its 125th anniversary! For 125 years the College has developed considerably, expanding and changing with the City, but it has always operated at the heart of the local community.

To help you succeed we seek to:

·         give you current, clear and concise information about our courses before you enrol

·         help you choose the course that is most suitable for you

·         give you information on the qualifications you can get and the opportunities to which they lead

·         through theworkspace we will build employability skills into your course

·         ensure you understand the standards you need to reach to be successful

·         help you settle into your course and the College, and tell you what you need to know to be a successful student

·         explain how much work you will need to do, and when and where to attend classes and other activities

·         before you do your first assignment, give you accurate information about the way you will be taught and the topics to be covered

·         tell you when, where and how you will be assessed

·         by the end of the first week make sure you have a personal tutor.

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No details available

Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Accounting and Finance [] 0 9250
Audio Music Production [J935] 0 9250
Business Marketing [N501] 0 9250
Civil Engineering [H204] 0 9250
Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy [] 0 9250
Electrical and Electronic Engineering [] 0 9250
Hospitality and Tourism Management [] 0 9250
Human Resource Management [N603] 0 9250
International Business with Mandarin [] 0 9250
Live Sound [J934] 0 9250
Marine Engineering [] 0 9250
Mechanical Design and Manufacture [H711] 0 9250
Public Services [L990] 0 9250
Purchasing and Supply [] 0 9250
Sports Therapy [C604] 0 9250
Strength Conditioning and Sports Coaching [C609] 0 9250

No details available