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Cornwall College

Cornwall is a beautiful, dynamic county with a rich industrial and cultural heritage. As a region it doesn't fit a national mould,and as a college, neither do we.

Adaptive, responsive and creative; we are constantly evolving and developing provision that is right for you, your career and the future of Cornwall.

The Cornwall College Group is the county's largest education and training provider. We support 35,000 learners of all ages each year, 2,000 of whom are studying at university level. Our achievements are plentiful, and our proven track record of over 10,000 apprentices in the past ten years makes us the most successful provider of apprenticeships in South West England.

We know the world is changing on many fronts. The challenging local and global economy means you need relevant and industry-focused skills and qualifications to create the future you want. Our expertise is in teaching you these skills, and more, as a Career College for the South West.

During the past year we have asked employers, schools, universities, local communities and students to tell us how we needed to change to become more valuable, relevant and impactful across our communities. The answer was to become a brilliant career college with the core purpose of 'Making Learning Work'. 

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Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Agriculture [D401] 0 6750
Animal Behaviour and Psychology [DC38] 0 6750
Animal Health and Management [D320] 0 6750
Animal Husbandry and Welfare [D301] 0 6750
Applied Ecology [C180] 0 6750
Business [N100] 0 6750
Conservation and Countryside Management [DN4F] 0 6750
Engineering [H100] 0 6750
Equitation, Training and Behaviour [D422] 0 6750
Estate and Farm Enterprise Management [] 0 0
Event Management [N821] 0 6750
Food Studies [D690] 0 6750
Forensic Science [F410] 0 6750
Garden and Landscape Design [003K] 0 6750
Horticulture [D403] 0 6750
Hospitality and Tourism [NN89] 0 6750
Marine Conservation [F711] 0 6750
Marine Science [F710] 0 6750
Marine Sports Science [CF67] 0 6750
Rescue and Emergency Management [N290] 0 6750
Sport, Health and Fitness [CB69] 0 6750
Sports Development and Coaching [] 0 0
Surf Science and Technology [CF68] 0 6750
Tournament Golf [] 0 0
Veterinary Nursing [D311] 0 6750
Wildlife Education and Media [XP33] 0 6750
Zoological Conservation [C390] 0 6750

No details available