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At Futureworks we have one goal; to provide a high standard of education, and create the next generation workforce, for the creative industries. The team behind Futureworks is lead by industry specialists, academic quality experts, and student support staff that are all driven by student success.

Dedicated to providing high quality teaching across 9 degree programmes, we work closely with the creative industries to create a learning environment that enables students to take their skills out to real-world scenarios.

With high standards, and regular review processes in place, we have established a system of maintaining full academic quality throughout the programmes that we operate. Students are represented throughout our management structure, to ensure that every decision is made with the interests of the student body as a priority.

From technical to welfare support, our team is committed to providing students with the opportunities they deserve; no matter their background. Regular tailor-made support sessions enables our student body to perform to the best of their ability. This, tied in with small class sizes, creates an atmosphere that has proven itself to produce high quality graduates specialised for the creative industries.

Names like Neve, Blackmagic, and Unreal are synonymous with creative talent and high-quality productions. These are just a few of the brands that our students find themselves working with on a daily basis whilst studying at Futureworks.

We’ve taken the time to ensure that our recording studios go unrivalled in the education sector, meaning our students studying under the School of Sound & Music Production can record, mix, and master sound in spectacular spaces found only in Futureworks and in industry.

For those studying as part of the School of Film, Televison & Media, we’ve created a specialised filming space with set-building capabilities and one of the largest chroma studios on the map. Located near the world famous MediaCityUK, students become acquainted with the BBC, ITV, Dock10, and many more leading television facilities in their day-to-day studies.

The School of Art & Design focuses minds into games, art, and animations that have seen graduates become award winning creators. We’ve invested in making an advanced motion capture suite which enables real-time tracking, giving our students the ability to replicate the techniques used on world-famous games and films alike.

By specialising in education for the creative industries, we have become a leader in the field. Our staff and our students make us proud of how far we’ve come and make us strive to keep growing.


The best way to contact us is via phone, on 0161 214 4600.

Alternatively you can send us any kind of enquiry to info@futureworks.ac.uk.

If you’re in the area, you can always pop in for a chat! We’re open 7 days a week.



BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering & Production [J9W3] – UCAS Points 104 – Fees £9250


BA (Hons) Music Production [WJ39] – UCAS Points 104 – Fees £9250


BSc (Hons) Game and Interactive Audio [G2A5] – UCAS Points 104 – Fees £9250


BA (Hons) Visual Effects [W614] – UCAS Points 104 – Fees £9250


BA (Hons) Post Production for Film & TV [P313] – UCAS Points 104 – Fees £9250


BA (Hons) Independent Filmmaking [F3M6] – UCAS Points 104 – Fees £9250


BA (Hons) Digital Animation with Illustration [W216] – UCAS Points 104 – Fees £9250


BA (Hons) Game Art [I620] – UCAS Points 104 – Fees £9250


BA (Hons) Games Design [WG24] – UCAS Points 104 – Fees £9250


Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Audio Engineering and Production [9955] 80 9250
Digital Animation and Illustration [7447] 80 9250
Game Art [2432] 80 9250
Game and Interactive Audio [4940] 64 9250
Games Design [9922] 64 9250
Independent Filmmaking [0132] 80 9250
Music Production [9573] 64 9250
Post Production for Film and TV [7066] 96 9250
Visual Effects [0829] 80 9250

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