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Heythrop College

Heythrop was established in 1614 in Louvain by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) for the study of philosophy and theology. Since 1970, it has been a College of the University of London, while retaining a modern Catholic ethos, and offers an educational experience that respects all faiths and perspectives.

In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, it also provides a resource for faith communities and others, especially through the work of the Centres and Institutes. College staff have a wide range of expertise, with particular strengths in Abrahamic religions, interfaith relations, ethics, philosophy of religion and psychology of religion

Research is an increasingly important part of the College's academic life and Heythrop participated for the first time in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise, gaining recognition for its work at an international level.

Heythrop is also the Lead College for the University of London International Programme's Bachelor of Divinity degree and Diploma in Theology.

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Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Abrahamic Religions [V690] 0 9250
B Divinity [V610] 0 9250
Philosophy and Theology [VV56] 0 9250
Philosophy, Politics and Ethics [V520] 0 9250
Philosophy, Politics and Religion [V540] 0 9250
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics [VV65] 0 9250
Philosopy [V500] 0 9250
Study of Religions [V620] 0 9250
Theology [V611] 0 9250

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