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Leeds Trinity University

Looking for a university that gives you more than a degree? Choose Leeds Trinity University – one of the UK’s top universities for employability and student satisfaction!

Highly employable graduates

Experience Matters. That’s why Leeds Trinity University embeds compulsory professional work placements into every degree, and the results speak for themselves. Our graduates are the most employable in Leeds, the most employable in Yorkshire and they’re in the top 25% of all UK universities for employability, according to the latest figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency. In fact 94% of our graduates are in work or further study 6 months after graduation (HESA 2013) 

Highly satisfied students Our graduates are not only among the most employable in the country, they’re also among the most satisfied. The latest results from the National Student Survey (NSS) revealed that student satisfaction at Leeds Trinity University has once again exceeded the national average, as the percentage of students satisfied with their course at Leeds Trinity University increased to 88 against a national average of 86. Leeds Trinity University is ranked 8th out of all higher education institutions for Assessment and Feedback.  


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Tel: 0113 283 7100 Fax: 0113 283 7200 Email: enquiries@leedstrinity.ac.uk 

Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Accounting and Business [N1N4] 96 9250
Broadcast Journalism [P500] 104 9250
Business [N100] 96 9250
Business and Management [NN12] 96 9250
Business with Marketing [N1N5] 96 9250
Early Childhood Studies [X321] 96 9250
Education Studies [X301] 96 9250
English [Q300] 96 9250
English and Film Studies [QP3H] 96 9250
English and Journalism [Q3P5] 96 9250
English and Media [QP33] 96 9250
English and Writing [QW38] 96 9250
Film Studies [P303] 96 9250
Film and Television Studies [P391] 96 9250
Forensic Psychology [CF84] 104 9250
History [V100] 96 9250
Journalism [P501] 104 9250
Magazine Journalism [P590] 104 9250
Media [P300] 96 9250
Media and Marketing [PN35] 96 9250
Nutrition, Food and Health [BD46] 104 9250
Philosophy, Ethics and Religion [V520] 96 9250
Primary Education: Early Years [X120] 112 9250
Primary Education: Later Years [X123] 112 9250
Primary Physical Education and Sports Coaching [XC60] 104 9250
Primary Physical Education and Sports Development [CX61] 104 9250
Psychology [C800] 104 9250
Psychology and Child Development [C821] 104 9250
Religious Studies [V620] 96 9250
Secondary Education, Physical Education and Sport (2 Yrs accelerated) [X1C6] 128 9250
Secondary Physical Education and Sports Coaching [XC61] 104 9250
Secondary Physical Education and Sports Development [CX63] 104 9250
Sport Psychology [C813] 104 9250
Sport and Exercise Sciences (Sports Nutrition) [C6B4] 104 9250
Sport and Exercise Sciences (Sports Psychology) [C600] 104 9250
Sport and Exercise Sciences (Strength and Conditioning) [C6C3] 104 9250
Sport, Health, Exercise and Nutrition [CB64] 104 9250
Sports Journalism [P591] 104 9250
Television Production [P311] 96 9250
Theology [V610] 96 9250
Working with Children, Young People and Families [L540] 96 9250

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