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Liverpool Hope University

With a 168 year old history, Liverpool Hope has developed a strong tradition of scholarship and research in key disciplines. As the only ecumenical university foundation in Europe the University’s work has been shaped by Christian principles but embraces those of all faiths and none.

The excellent academic record of our students is supported by pastoral care and, as one of Britain's smaller universities, Liverpool Hope values the individual - in the words of Cardinal Newman 'knowing her children one by one'. Care, concern and support for students are always a priority.

Liverpool Hope has two main teaching campuses. Hope Park is situated in a leafy suburb of Liverpool and is a mini educational village. The Creative Campus in Liverpool city centre is the home to our creative and performing arts subjects. Both campuses have seen major investment over the last five years, so traditional architecture now sits beside contemporary buildings and facilities.

The University places great emphasis on the bringing together of research excellence and top-quality teaching. This is facilitated by a community of academics and scholars who are of the highest calibre. This research-informed teaching enables our students to develop into rounded and employable graduates who can take their place confidently as global citizens in the 21st century.

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Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Accounting [N400] 104 9000
Biological Sciences [C100] 104 9000
Business Management [N200] 104 9000
Computer Science [I101] 104 9000
Creative & Performing Arts [W430] 104 9000
Criminology [M990] 104 9000
Design [W200] 104 9000
Drama [W400] 104 9000
English Language [Q310] 104 9000
English Literature [Q320] 104 9000
Environmental Science [F750] 104 9000
Fine Art [W101] 104 9000
Geography [F800] 104 9000
History [V100] 104 9000
Law [8R23] 104 9000
Media & Communication [P300] 104 9000
Music [W300] 104 9000
Nutrition [B400] 104 9000
Philosophy Ethics and Religion [V620] 104 9000
Politics & International Relations [L201] 104 9000
Primary Teaching With Biology [XC1C] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With Christian Theology [XV61] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With Early Childhood [X1XH] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With English Language [X1QJ] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With English Literature [X1QH] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With Geography [X1L7] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With History [X1VD] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With Information Technology [X1GM] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With Mathematics [X1GD] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With Modern Foreign Languages [X1R9] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With Music [X1WJ] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With Special Educational Needs [X190] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With Sport & Physical Education [X1CP] 0 9000
Primary Teaching With World Religions [XV1P] 0 9000
Psychology [C800] 104 9000
Social Work [L500] 104 9000
Sport & Exercise Science [C604] 104 9000
Sport & Physical Education [C600] 104 9000
Sports Psychology [C891] 104 9000
Theology [V611] 104 9000
Theology & Religious Studies [8D12] 104 9000
Tourism Management [N832] 104 9000