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North Hertfordshire College

At NHC we want to take a genuinely new approach to further education, rooted in the value we can bring to students, businesses and the community we serve. We believe that our purpose spans distinct but related imperatives:

Deliver outstanding teaching, learning and a rich, broadly defined experience that will enable our students to succeed in the ever-changing                world of work

That means delivering vibrant study programmes, apprenticeships, traineeships and other entry-to-employment programmes which equip students with the technical skills, knowledge and broader set of behaviours they’ll need to succeed and progress; it means developing and delivering a higher education and continuous professional development offer that will deliver a real return on investment for our students and their employers; and, it means developing a social learning offer that interests and engages local adults.

We’re hugely proud of the work we’ve done in recent years to develop a personalised, project-based and blended model for teaching and learning that we believe really does give our students the edge.

Work with employers, large and small, local and national, to help them engage with and invest in young talent in ways that will really work for their business.

For us that means working with employers to enrich the delivery of full time programmes for students in schools and colleges; helping them engage with young people as they begin to think about their career options; delivering traineeship, entry-to-employment and more traditional recruitment and selection activities; delivering rich, high quality apprenticeship, graduate and other entry programmes; and, supporting progression – whether through higher apprenticeship, higher education or bespoke learning and development initiatives.

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No details available

Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Business (North Herts College) [N101] 0 9250
Business with Accounting (North Herts College) [N1N3] 0 9250
Business with Human Resource Management (North Herts College) [N1N6] 0 9250
Business with Information Systems (North Herts College) [N1I2] 0 9250
Business with Marketing (North Herts College) [N1N5] 0 9250
Computing Technologies (Media Systems) (North Herts College) [I150] 0 9250
Computing Technologies (Networks) (North Herts College) [I120] 0 9250
Sport (Leisure Management) [] 0 9250

No details available