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Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, is committed to providing thoroughly relevant teaching and research. Our research is focused on making a real practical impact on everyday life, and our courses are designed to produce well prepared, well rounded and flexible graduates. We have widely recognised expertise in the areas of health and rehabilitation; sustainable business and creativity and culture.

Queen Margaret University’s mission is to enhance the well-being of individuals and the communities we serve through socially and economically relevant education and research.

This mission is enhanced by our strong commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

From its very inception, Queen Margaret University has focused on addressing society’s needs.  Throughout our history, we have been committed to providing relevant teaching and research which makes a real practical impact on everyday life.

Through our portfolio of educational programmes, we set out to maximise the potential of our students to ensure ‘sought after’ graduates and postgraduates, who are able to think independently, reflectively and creatively, who are ready for employment, and who have an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. We continue to build on our excellent track record in widening the participation of students who have previously been inhibited from entering higher education for social, economic or cultural reasons.

As well as preparing our students for useful careers through providing them with a thoroughly relevant education, our teaching and research is designed to address the issues affecting Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world.  Our course portfolio relates closely to Government priority sectors, and we are highly regarded for our innovative research which has a direct impact on policy and practice, and which consequently improves the quality of life.

The local community is certainly central to our vision, and we are also a university with an international reach and impact, with internationally recognised research. We also recruit a high proportion of ‘rest of UK’ and international students compared with many other Scottish institutions.

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Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Applied Pharmacology [B210] 80 6750
Business Management [N100] 104 6750
Business Management [N102] 112 6750
Costume Design and Construction [W451] 88 6750
Diagnostic Radiography [B821] 96 6750
Dietetics [B400] 88 6750
Drama and Performance [W490] 120 6750
Events Management [N291] 104 6750
Film and Media [P303] 104 6750
Human Biology [C100] 80 6750
International Hospitality and Toursim Management [N890] 104 6750
Media [P301] 104 6750
Nursing [B740] 104 0
Nutrition [B403] 80 6750
Occupational Therapy [B920] 104 6750
Physiotherapy [B160] 136 6750
Podiatry [B985] 96 6750
Psychology [C800] 112 6750
Psychology and Sociology [CL83] 88 6750
Public Relations and Marketing [PN25] 104 6750
Public Relations and Media [PP23] 104 6750
Speech and Language Therapy [B630] 136 6750
Theatre and Film Studies [WW46] 104 6750
Therapeutic Radiography [B822] 96 6750

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