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University Centre South Devon

Here at University Centre South Devon (UCSD), everything is centred on your experience as a student, and helping you make the most of your time here. We have an unwavering passion for learning and take great pride in our programmes of study. We offer a wide range of opportunities that enable you to progress into employment and give you the platform to excel. We received a glowing report from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) based on results from a four-day Higher Education Review in 2015. The report rates us as one of the leading quality colleges for studying higher education.

In 2017, UCSD was awarded ‘Gold’, the highest level possible, by the Teaching Excellence Framework, which recognises outstanding teaching within our university-level curriculum.

We maintain the very highest academic standards and ensure that we support your personal development, as well as your wider graduate skills. As a top-ranking provider in England for student satisfaction, we work incredibly closely with our students, so you can be sure that we will meet your needs and listen to what you have to say.

South Devon College is honoured to have been granted Foundation Degree Awarding Powers (FDAP) following detailed and critical inspection by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. This prestigious development means that from September 2019, the College will be able to award its own foundation degrees for students studying at University Centre South Devon (UCSD).

The College has a long-standing history supporting the local community and region, working with businesses and the industry. These new powers will affirm South Devon College’s role and position, among the largest providers of college based higher education in the country. Less than 10 further education colleges in the UK currently have these powers, strengthening South Devon College’s reputation as a high quality provider of higher professional and technical education.

We also deliver our higher education programmes in partnership with the University of Plymouth, with whom we share an incredibly strong relationship.

This means that you will be gaining a prestigious qualification from a first-class institution that is recognised by employers worldwide. You will also have the opportunity to progress to the third year of an associated course, either here at UCSD, or at the University of Plymouth.

We take great pride in the success of our students, and our tutors and lecturers find no greater satisfaction than seeing our past students go on to achieve great and remarkable things, which happens year after year.

So, please feel free to visit our campus by attending one of our open days, and see for yourself how we can help shape your future. 

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Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Adventure Leadership [5219] 1 9250
Animal Science [2712] 1 9250
Assistant Practitioner [8708] 1 9250
Biosciences [2363] 1 9250
Business and Management [1250] 1 9250
Civil & Coastal Engineering [9820] 1 9250
Computing [7520] 1 9250
Contemporary Arts Practice [1599] 1 9250
Creative Digital Design [4242] 1 9250
Criminology and Psychology [8786] 1 9250
Early Years Care and Education [2679] 1 9250
Film & Photography [6234] 1 9250
Games and Interactive Design [2090] 1 9250
Hearing Aid Audiology [8934] 1 9250
History with English [4772] 1 9250
Illustration with Graphics and Animation [2265] 1 9250
Law [9755] 1 9250
Manufacturing and Mechatronic Engineering [0280] 1 9250
Marine Technologies [8850] 1 9250
Psychology and Counselling [6302] 1 9250
Psychology with Sociology [1512] 1 9250
Sports Coaching and Fitness [6627] 1 9250
Sustainable Construction and the Built Environment [0630] 1 9250
Teaching and Learning [8120] 1 9250
Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management [1735] 1 9250
Working with Children, Young People and Families [1816] 1 9250

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